Friday, December 30, 2005

Good morning. I did release an early version of the News River aggregator yesterday. Lots of people have put it through its paces. I'm not going to link to it here until it's more solid. The biggest difficulty has been importing OPML subscription lists because there's been some "drift" from the initial format. I'm going to make some fixes this morning according to Postel's Law and be liberal in what I accept. And thanks to all the hale and hearty souls who are helping out here. Much appreciated!—Dave Winer
Wow, what a shocker. You mean you're having trouble importing your own freaking format beacuse of "drift" from the initial format? Aren't specs supposed to prevent "drift" from happening? You know, like an XSD schema that people can validate against. Oh wait, was there ever a real spec for OPML? Oh, haha! Silly me. I forgot that you're above such things. Real men don't need specs. They just need vague references to how something should work and general directions people should take.


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