Thursday, December 22, 2005

Confession: I am now addicted to the TV show Lost. I've watched the whole first season and am working my way through the second. By the time tonight's shows air, both re-reruns, I'll be in synch, but I'll probably skip ahead via BitTorrent. I have mixed feelings about the show. It's a bit too bloody and a bit too simplistic and there's too much yelling and blaming, but the characters are interesting, and I'll keep watching because, like I said, I'm addicted.—Dave Winer
Classic. You rail against Google for their project of scanning in copyrighted books, but you no qualms about downloading a torrent of a show you want to watch. Glad to know your bread is buttered on both sides. Who needs consistency... oh wait, I mean integrity... when you're getting what you want?


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