Saturday, November 05, 2005

Something really stupid. When people disagree with you, they can't just disagree, they have to say you're a bad person, or you're lying or you're flaming or whatever. Microsoft has a bunch of people these days who relate this way. It used to be possible to discuss software with Microsoft people, in public even, without the ad hominems. It's a sure way to change the subject. To me it's a sign of intellectual weakness. Okay you don't like me, I'll survive. Now let's get back to how to be more competitive, or make the software work better, or support developers who want to use your platform. The good news is there are still some people left over from the old days, I ran into one of them on Tuesday. I couldn't believe he was still there. Reminds me that Microsoft used to want to win. Maybe there's an element that still does?—Dave Winer
Possible Translation: Someone who hasn't heard of you, or doesn't care, made you cranky because they didn't kiss your OFGN arse, but instead actually said what they think.

Oh and I'm sorry, but "support developers" from the guy who gave us the steaming pile of OPML to deal with? Come on.


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